Friday, March 06, 2009

On My Way Home

I'm sitting here in the Denver Airport on my way home from the Pastors College. What a great week! We sat under world class instruction in Dr. Kostenberger. We got a PDF version of his upcoming book, The Theology of John (which means I can copy and paste out of it!). I got to spend time with one of my close friends who is attending the PC, as well as stay with my old host family the Dustins. I even got pranked by the kids 5 times! It was a great week.

There are lots of things I am taking away from this class, but here are two:
1) I want to know the Lord. I want to learn the Bible more and more because God wants to be known and has given us his revelation in this amazing book. Dr. Kostenberger is an amazing teacher and exegete of Scripture - and though I may never be as skilled as him, it inspired me to keep pressing on in my study of His word.

2) I want to tell people about Christ. One of the main themes we studied was John's theology of mission and it is rich indeed. The whole book is waiting for his hour to come, and when it arrives we find out that his hour means his death. But his death is the culmination of the fulfillment of his mission and now we have the privilege of testifying of him.

I sat next to a man on the last leg of my flight and we started talking about religion. He was a Hindu and explained to me what he believed. He said he wasn't strict about following the religion, but he believed there was a God and that there were many ways to get to him as long as you sought to do good.

I told him my story of becoming a Christian and what it meant for Jesus to die on the cross for sinners. One thing I pointed out to him was that he can't accept Christianity as an acceptable way to God if he also accepts other ways, since Christ himself says that is impossible. We had a great talk and he gave me his number and email on the way out to keep the conversation going.

As I finish up my trip, I am keenly aware that only Jesus gives life, but he is on a mission to save the lost and I can be an instrument of grace to people around me. I'm looking forward to continue to walk on this journey of faith in Christ with the people of Grace Church!

(I'm also looking forward to getting home to see my wife and kids!)

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