Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Grace Church?

You may be wondering: Why Grace Church? Why not Sovereign Grace Church? Why not something more cutting edge, like The Gathering or Teleos or some other Greek name?

It's simple. I love grace. It's one of the most profound and powerful doctrines in the entire Bible. It's completely changed my life. And its at the core of the gospel - grace. We are not saved by anything we do. Our works only further serve to condemn us, as we fail to live as we ought. No, we are utterly dependent on God and his gospel to bring us into right standing with Him. And this undeserved favor that has been given to us in Christ, through his death and resurrection, is the grace we stand in.

And that's why I want the name to be Grace Church. It's simple, but its clear and liberating. Of course, it will always be preached as sovereign grace as that is what all grace is. But I like the simplicity of the name for communicating to people what we are about. It doesn't hurt that it will help us in conversation to not confuse the Peoria church with the Gilbert church.

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